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Where X AI
transforms AI Technology

X Draw, X GPT, X Scanner, X Trading


Supply Information

Max Supply: 100 Trillion
Burn: 50.78 Trillion
Circulating: 49.21 Trillion

Buy/Sell Tax

Contract Tax: 0%.
Pancake Tax: 0.25%
Total Tax: 0.25%

Zero Tax

XAI token does not involve any taxation, allowing investors to take advantage of not having to pay any tax when buying or selling the token. This is because the token's ecosystem functions independently from taxes, and has its own AI utility to generate revenue and facilitate buyback and burning operations.


About Phase 1

At launch, phase 1 will feature a beta version of X Draw and X GPT, and is estimated to last between 1 to 3 months, depending on the speed of our team's development. This phase focus on building the fundamental and adoption.

  • 20,000 $XAI holders
  • X Draw version 1
  • X GPT version 1
  • X Scanner - BSC
  • CoinGecko Listing
  • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • Trust Wallet Dapp Inclusion
  • Token Pocket Dapp Inclusion
  • Media Releases on News Editorial Site
  • CEX Listing & Adoption
  • Billboard Marketing
  • CoinZilla and Crypto Platform Banner Marketing
  • Offline Roadshow

About Phase 2

Phase 2 will begin in the second quarter following the token launch. In Phase 2, the focus will be on driving token adoption, laying the groundwork for commercial usage, and establishing an ecosystem with automated buyback and burning of $XAI tokens to encourage businesses to utilize AI technology and to provide API documentation for developers.

  • 50,000 $XAI holders
  • X Payment Processor MVP and Beta
  • X Draw Premium Version
  • X GPT Premium Version
  • X Scanner - ETH, ARB, OKX
  • X AI Trading Analytics Beta
  • More CEX Listing on Top Exchanges
  • Cross Bridge / Worm Hole for Arb Layer 2 Chain
  • Cryptocurrency conventions and sponsorship

About Phase 3

Phase 3 will begin in the 3rd Quarter following the token launch. The focus of this phase is to develop a self-deployable NFT platform, a premium version, and to generate revenue for the token team. This revenue will be used to bolster the growth of the token by listing it on more centralized exchanges, conducting repurchases and burning them. Furthermore, the team will recruit on a global scale and create new use cases, integrating AI technology to enhance the utility and value of the token.

  • 100,000 $XAI holders
  • X Trading Premium Version
  • X Draw NFT Platform
  • X Scanner - TRON, Harmony, Cronos, FON
  • X Payment Processor Platform for Commerical
  • X GPT further upgrades
  • Cross Bridge / Worm Hole for ETH, Polygon Chain
  • CEX Listing & Adoption on Top 5 Exchange.

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X AI has the potential to transform the way NFTs are produced by feeding data such as images or videos into an AI model that generates new artworks based on that data. One of the key advantages of using AI to generate NFTs is the ability to create extremely intricate and unique digital assets that are highly attractive to collectors.

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